Personal Data Protection Act

As a nursing home of the Intermediate and Long Term Care ( ILTC ), we share relevant data within the healthcare sector ( such as hospitals, government agencies, healthcare institutions etc. ) for the continuity of care for your loved one. The Personal Data Protection Act ( PDPA ) safeguards individuals’ personal data against misuse by regulating the proper management of personal data. We adhere to the guidelines under the PDPA and ensure the personal data collected is used or disclosed for the said purposes.

At Singapore Christian Home, we respect and keep your data safe by limiting access to only doctors and healthcare personnel who are involved in the caring of your loved one and use your data reasonably as far as possible.

You may also wish to visit the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) website for more information

For enquiries of feedback relating to you and your loved one data which Singapore Christian Homes collects, please contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO):

Name: Michael Leong
Contact Number: (65) (65) 6831-5424

Personal Data Protection Act