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Singapore Christian Home provides respite and long-term nursing and medical care for the destitute and individuals from low-income families, in an environment of love and warmth. In addition to frail adults, the Home specifically caters to children and young adults requiring long term nursing care and dialysis patients.


We believe that every individual should have access to proper medical care.

The Home seeks to provide the highest level of nursing care and to provide rehabilitation and social activities so as to ensure the residents recuperate well and enjoy their golden years at the Home.

We seek partners for financial support for our operations, as well as volunteers who can befriend residents to bring hope and joy of life, into their wards. You can make a difference to these precious lives.

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Make A Difference

At Singapore Christian Home, not only do we take care of frail adults, we also admit Children & Young adults with high medical & nursing needs.


With Love and Warmth

Singapore Christian Home (SCH) is a 240-bed not for profit nursing home licensed by the Ministry of Health. Registered in 1977, SCH provides residential and respite nursing and medical care to destitute and persons from very low income families. In addition to frail adults, the Home specifically caters to children and young adults requiring long term nursing care and dialysis patients.

The Home welcomes partnering with corporations, institutions and individuals to bring in to the much needed resources to support the operational costs of running the Home. 


What they say

Madam Poh

SCH Resident

At SCH, I received very good care from the doctors and nurses. I have been going for dialysis for almost 30 years. Each time when I feel very tired after my dialysis, I will want to quickly take my dinner and rest. They are all very understanding and caring. I like staying here and I feel happy staying here. When I go to the activity area, I will talk to my fellow residents and watch TV with them. Otherwise staying alone in bed the whole day can become boring.

MoTher of

 SCH Young Adult Resident

Singapore Christian home provides a 24/7 care to all residents here. For my daughter’s case, all of her basic needs need to be taken care of. I may not be able to accompany her throughout the life of my girl as I don’t know if I will leave first or she will leave first. So I feel that it is good that we have another team of people with nursing knowledge, with the know-how to handle my girl’s situation especially when she has multiple health conditions. I can see the nursing staff understand this girl well and they shower her with love. So this is something I appreciated very much.


 Volunteer of iCare

I really enjoy coming here. I love to come here. I see the residents as part of my family. We had a celebration recently, and the staff passed me a note. It was written by the resident. In Chinese it says: “Thank you for all your hard work!” I think many of them may not have visits from the family regularly. Frequently, after our service, the resident will ask us, “When will you come again?” Sometimes when I say, “Good bye, see you next week!” they will hold our hands very tightly and will be reluctant to let go. You can feel that they are going to miss us.

The Residents We Serve


 People with renal failure conditions requiring hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis treatment


Children & young adults with high medical & nursing needs


These are patients of highest dependency & requiring the highest care staff to resident ratio.


Adults with disabilities are cared for in their medical needs  and emotional needs through partnering professionals and volunteers 

SCH Christmas Celebrations 

Celebrating 63 Years of Service to the Vulnerable

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Serving Those In Need Since 1960


Was started by three Christian Friends in 1960:

Mdm Liew Choon Giok
Mdm Lau Kah Ying
Mdm Tan Kian Jin


972C Upper Thomson Road

Was the location where we received our first resident Throughout the '60s many homeless, poor and needy aged from Yishun and Sembawang towns were taken in, not just for shelter and food, but also for physical and spiritual healing.

1977 - 2013

Singapore Christian Home For The Aged

Was our first registered name in 1977.
Over the years, we moved from Queenstown (Buller Terrace) to Ju Eng Home in Jin Kayu (1996
2000) to Jin Tan Tock Seng (2000 - 2013)

2013 - Today

Since May 2013 is a 9-Storey 24B-bedder facility located at 20 Sembawang Crescent. Our name was also shortened to Singapore Christian Home as a reflection of our commitment to care for people of all ages. In the same year we received our first male resident.

Singapore Christian Home is A 240-bed Not-for-Profit Nursing Home Licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Registered in 1977, its UEN is S77SS0040C.

Singapore Christian Home is an approved Institute of Public Character (IPC).

We are listed on the Government of Singapore Charity Portal

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Find us here: 20 Sembawang Crescent, Singapore 757092